The College Tuition Benefit®

College Tuition BenefitĀ® makes it possible for our benefit partners to provide participants' and policy holders' children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews with guaranteed college scholarships at almost 40% of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, NAICU, thereby addressing American families number one financial and lifestyle concern.

Partnership Example

We enter into exclusive arrangements with benefit companies for a specific product line or geography. As an example, Guardian is our exclusive National dental carrier. The chart is an example of how we designed a program to meet the needs of Guardian.

Guardian delivers the College Tuition Benefit®, conveying thousands in value to employees in the form of college scholarships, alongside a dental benefit that typically costs much less. For the employee, there is an immediate reward for electing the dental benefit each year. Immediate reward is an important feature in a voluntary benefit environment where the benefit is held for a future uncertain need. Additionally, employers become reluctant to cancel coverage. Because Guardian is our exclusive dental partner, if the dental plan is moved to another dental insurer, the employer is faced with explaining to employees the loss of future scholarships.